[Addon] SoundAlerter 3.3.5a

** Currently in development
** English Clients only supported at the moment

Added Anti-Magic Shell, Silencing Shot, Readiness, Elemental Mastery
Added Repentance, Hammer of Justice & Deterrence down, disabled some spell options at default (can be
changed by user input)
Added Death Coil
Added Will of the Forsaken, Shadowmeld, Gift of the Naaru, Berserking, Blood Fury, Shadow Trance (All is disabled at default)
Fixed Sound Alerts for Trinkets
* Added Blade Flurry, Stealth, Bone Shield. 
(Still need to test Blade Flurry)
Todo: I’ll need to reformat some newly added MP3s so they’re louder
* Implement Hot Streak and Last Stand (Still needs testing)
* Sound Alerts will not alert when in a sanctuary anymore (I hope) untick the ‘Enable everywhere’ option if you don’t want to be alerted in a sanctuary – at the moment
* Modified MP3 files so that they’re the same as the default TTS engine (Neospeech – Julie)
Add Hysteria and Mark of Blood
Changelog: https://github.com/trolololol/SoundA….3.5a/commits/

Gladiatorlossa for 3.3.5a

SoundAlerter is an addon that alerts players via sound when enemies are casting or have used certain abilities aswell as a tracker for when abilities have worn off (eg. divine shield down, deterrence down)
This unique addon helps us alot in PvP, as in my opinion better than the Gladius cooldown trackers (Can be used well in conjuction with this aswell as SpellAlerter)

* I have been working on an addon called SoundAlerter, originally formed from the idea of GladiatorlosSA
* GladiatorlosSA is a 4.2 addon which I’m changing to support for 3.3.5a.
* Originally it is a Chinese addon which I have translated to work with enUS clients, or any en_ client ONLY
* At the moment I have done most of the work of changing LUA functions and the chinese so that it will work now.
* As I said this is in development which is likely to bring up LUA errors, I have only tested battlegrounds which seems to be running smoothly at the moment, I will need someone testing arenas, but as far as I can see, it should work fine

* Slash commands to bring up SoundAlerter will be /soundalerter 

I would like your input on the addon,
If you find any issues or suggestions with the addon, feel free to bump here, or go to:

Make sure you have your sound effects on so that you can hear it.
Currently there’s only 1 voice, and also voices from 4.2, so there’s different spells in the folder, I will soon probably be adding hopefully more voices (someone can do this by sending me a mp3 of names of abilities, etc)

I will most likely *hopefully* be updating the addon to fix/improve things so if you find a bug/something to improve on, visit the URL for any updates

URL: https://github.com/trolololol/SoundAlerter-3.3.5a
1. Click Download
2. Click Zip
3. Extract the SoundAlerter Folder (inside the trololol-SoundAlerter3.3.5a folder) into your WoW folder/Interface/Addons/

This can also be used for updating your addon, by replacing the old files


What goes great with this addon:
SpellAlerter – Text alerter for Spells casted
Gladius – Arena frame addon that alerts when cooldowns are used
LoseControl – Spell Icon popup in middle of screen when CC’d


Known Bugs:
None at the moment, yay 
Post will be updated once I can identify and confirm bug reports

In the meantime, if the spell alerts aren’t working:
1. make sure you have your sound effects on and volume up
2. Try pasting in this:
/run local f = CreateFrame(“frame”,nil, UIParent); f:SetScript(“OnUpdate”, CombatLogClearEntries);

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