Molten WoW – the first WoW Private server with Archaeology.

While I was at college, browsing the internet, I came across an update on Molten-WoW’s website.

This means that Molten WoW will be the first WoW private server with fully functioning Archaeology. Not to mention that Molten has achieved fully working content such as Isle of Conquest, and recently, a new MMR system rewrite which has had tremendous positive feedback according to the forums.

Molten-WoW has also proven to be the most popular and populated server on the internet, and within the first few months of releasing Cataclysm, Molten has proven to be of the highest quality private servers around.

I have had some ingame testing of Archaeology, and have skilled my Archaeology to 75 at the moment, and as far as it goes, it works flawlessly.

Be sure to check out and never look back (I never did!)

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