DuffedUI for WoW 4.0.6a

Original article from Molten-WoW’s forum

If you have any questions regarding the UI, please refer to Molten’s forum



First off all credits go to LiquidBase Who started this UI and made it. I took the time to start updating it and fixing it.. . So please take the time to thank him for all his hard work. Thanks

What is this?

This is a full UI. A single addon that takes control of the action bars, unit frames, buffs, chat frames, minimap, nameplates, etc..

How to install it:

  • Download the UI
  • Navigate to your World of Warcraft installation
  • Drop the files into your addons folder.
  • Clear your cache folder.
  • Start the game
  • Type /install if needed.


  • Duffed UI
  • modified Duff is a complete UI replacement.
  • More Screenshots with higher resolution
  • Configuration
  • Type /tc, /tukui or use the “+”-button below the Minimap for ingame-configuration.
  • Type /mtukui or use the “+”-button below the minimap to move nearly every Frame.
  • For everything else: /dhelp, /uihelp or hit the H-Button on the left side of specswitcherpanel.
  • Lower Resolution
  • There is an lowres-Layout – if u wanna use highres-layout, enable overridelowtohigh in general config.
  • If you wanna use the lowres Version on highres, enable overridehightolow in general config.


  • Tukui
  • Tukui_Raid
  • Tukui_ConfigUI
  • Tukui_Raid_Healing

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