Scriptcraft II, second release of the popular vanilla private server

Scriptcraft seems to be opening its doors once again, as it opens the private server after a period of 24 hours, the server had got over $1500 in donations. The server has now been open for about a week.

Scriptcraft includes an (optional) instant 49 boost with some silver, all your spells learnt, 3*6 slot bags, and a mount. You can adjust your preferable XP rate by typing .exp 1-5 ingame.

The server had previously shut down because of personal issues regarding finishing school, and is now back with a bang.

Recently, the owner, Gummy had posted this screenshot and opened the website:


Promotional vid:

How to connect to Scriptcraft:

  1. Download the torrent:
  2. Open in notepad
  3. Replace what is in it, and type: 
  4. set realmlist
  5. Go to
  6. Click register and sign up for a new account
  7. Open wow.exe and login

How to get instant 49 + mount + bags:

  1. Create a character
  2. Login the character and look for a goblin around your starting zone.
  3. Talk to the goblin
  4. Remember to adjust your XP rate by typing the ingame command “.exp” followed by the multiplier, for example “.exp 5”

Getting addons for 1.12.1:

Visit for a list of 1.12.1 compatible addons

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