Q-Gaming shuts down, Scriptcraft dead.

Following the rather successful launches of Q-Gaming and Scriptcraft, it looks like players just didn’t continue playing. In my opinion, this is more of a server issue in my opinion than anything else. Q-Gaming released their statement today:

As you have probably noticed, some people really just can not stand this server and attacked us continuously over the past two weeks with a heavy form of Denial of Service attacks. That combined with our host not cooperating as well as the head of the administration being busy with real life matters and no longer has time to look after the server, did not work out for the server. We had come to a stage where the damage was no longer repairable and another relaunch would simply not work. Who knows, maybe our paths will cross again. Maybe we’ll keep working on it in secret, and one day a server will be forged. One server to rule them all. But that’s just speculating.

As for the donations, you guys donated for a server and all costs related to it. This included the website, server, security tweaks and attempts at DDoS protection.

This has been a hobby for the entire staff and we were all working on the server with one goal in mind, creating a great vanilla World of Warcraft experience for everyone to enjoy.

Any questions can be sent to qualitygaming.vanilla@gmail.com however we can not promise to answer them all.

It was quite a ride guys.

Goodbye and good luck.

~ Quality Gaming staff

Q-Gaming’s second launch of their private server had proven successful in the start, I was part of the queue to experience their realm, hit level 60, but it had gotten drastically out of hand and they had neglected to fix severe issues such as Duping, anti-cheating system, Molten Core bosses, the drop rate of the Deathbone set, as players had gotten the full set in a day. And then came the DDOS, the server was fine for the first day or two, but a DDOS came, and it was unbearable to play. That, paired with a distinct lack of communication with the player base, the server was down for nearly 2 days without any news posted on the website. That immediately set a red flag for me. Most of the playerbase had left after these DDOS attacks, and players flying all around Ironforge and Orgrimmar, paired with a single player buying everything off the auction house, and duping.

Then came Scriptcraft. Orgrinally Gummy (the owner) felt obliged since players were begging him to put it back up. Players had raised $1500 USD for him to put the server back on track. And yes, it did work, the population boomed. Gummy did what Q-Gaming didn’t do, and that was communicate. The problem with this was that the sources of the  population only came from a few select places, notably Q-Gaming, Something Awful and 4chan. The problem with this was that Scriptcraft didn’t get another boom of population like it did from first release of Scriptcraft. His post to Reddit had over a thousand upvotes and managed to come onto the Reddit front page, it overflowed the site with visitors.

The problem with Scriptcraft was that it just didn’t manage to uphold it’s population. The population was dwindling and the few remaining guilds were upholding the server to an extent. When Guild Wars 2 had released, The biggest horde raiding guild, GRIZZLY, had left to play it. QUALITY, the biggest alliance guild stayed on, however the leader left with the core 20 of that guild to join another guild. The remaining members of QUALITY had either quit or joined small guilds. Both of the guilds brought up about half of the servers online population, and from that, people stopped posting on sites such as 4chan for recruitment for the guilds because there was no point now. There is no source of population income since people won’t join Scriptcraft since it shut down last time, and it looks like it’s shutting down now too.

The current playerbase of Scriptcraft is now merging with the server known as valkyrie-wow I believe that their characters database is going to be pushed over to their server. There doesn’t seem to be much of a playerbase however on both servers. At the time I am writing this, there is only 25 players online on Scriptcraft and 41 on Valkyrie.

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