Scriptcraft 2 moving to Valkyrie


  • All characters from Scriptcraft 1&2 have now been migrated to Valkyrie
  • Gummy has now joined the Valkyrie team

It’s confirmed, Scriptcraft is now moving to Valkyrie after the server had declined in population.

Scriptcraft is a private server that was maintained by Gummy. He had spent about a year developing on the server and it had risen to popularity and fame on Reddit. Soon, it was the most popular vanilla private server around, however with the server owner, Gummy found that maintaining the server, advertising, moderating, and finishing school a bit too much. Gummy decided to close the server. However, recently after players had played on a hyped server, Q-Gaming, they found that it just didn’t cut it, and they had managed to accumulate $1500 in donations for Scriptcraft. Gummy said himself that he felt obliged to host the server, so he did. Soon after the second release which was pretty successful, players just didn’t join, guilds disbanded, notably Grizzly which left for Guild Wars 2, and Quality that disbanded. In Gummy’s latest update, he mentioned the possibility of moving to Valkyrie, due to his college attendance.

Today, Scriptcraft has taken down it’s front page and redirected the main site to the forum, where the only post now is the title: “All Aboard! Next stop Valkyrie!

Gummy had also posted the zip for the database of all the Scriptcraft 1 characters, and it seems like Valkyrie is merging the database with the older character database.

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