Molten WoW releasing ICC Gunship soon

UPDATE: Feedback topic regarding Gunship release is here

After the release of the Greymane and Deepholm realms in the beginning of the year, Molten seems to have somewhat neglected their Wrath of The Lich King realms due to the mere fact that their Cataclysm realms needed a lot of work done (mainly 1-60 and 80-85 content). Things have somewhat slowed down regarding Cataclysm updates as all the dungeons have been scripted to blizzlike conditions and most raid bosses are released from patch 4.0.6a. This doesn’t dismiss the fact that Molten still has a lot on their plate with upgrading their website and forum design, the possibility of the release of cross realm battlegrounds, and upgrading their Cataclysm realms to patch 4.3.4.

Anyways, for the WoTLK lovers and raiders, it seems as though Molten hasn’t forgotten about us, and is planning it’s release of the Gunship Battle, something no other private server has perfected. There has been other popular private servers that have attempted to script the battle and haven’t been able to release it due to it’s complexity, and yes it is extremely complex. Hopefully Molten will get this right, and it will continue to be the most popular private server, both Wrath of The Lich King and Cataclysm.

Enjoy! See you ingame.

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