Pandashan – the first MoP supported private server


It seems as though the first private server to fully support the 5.0.5 patch of Mists of Pandaria is Pandashan. After 4 months of the release of Mists of Pandaria, it seems as though the private server Pandashan has released it’s server on the 2nd of Janurary 2013. The private server already has a booming 31k likes (compared to the lifetime 128k likes of Molten) and they have recently made a facebook event that have noted that the server has had over 4000 players online at a time.

I haven’t really researched much into the private server, but it does seem very promising, considering it’s the first private server, and the amount of players the server has been holding (although I do admit after skimming through the facebook page and forum posts about the game, players have been having lag). Currently as I’m typing up this article, I can see 1k players logged in to the US realm and 600 players logged into the French realm.

7 Replies to “Pandashan – the first MoP supported private server”

  1. sure, but is not a core pure of pandaria is only cataclysm core 4.0.6 + repack pandaria. Check and the astral wow. Grettings from freakz good job with site!

  2. @parco11
    Not according to my data. Most of those old core + latter version repacks can be identified by their launcher. Despite in game it saying it is for 4.3.4 for example, if you click properties and select Details on file, it will say 4.2 or 4.1 or whatever core they modified, With Pandashan, this is not the case, their launcher is masked in “Pandashan.dat” and if you change it in exe and check details, it is 5.0.5 exe. So I kind of doubt it.

  3. Man kann zwar spielen aber sehr viele Quests funktionieren nicht. Die Klassen haben Bugs und somit im PVP teilweise Unfair.Die MOP Insatzen sind Verbugt, gewisse Events starten einfach nicht. Ruf bei gewissen Fraktionen nicht steigerbar da die Tagesquests nicht funktionieren. Im großen und Ganzen reicht es um Pandaria zu sehen aber längerfristig macht es keinen Spaß da einfach zuviele Bug’s und zu stosszeiten üble Lag’s kein Spielen ermöglichen, von der Warteschlange die gerne mal 20min. wartezeit verursachen bis zum Login will erst garnicht reden. Aber hey dafür ist Kostenlos……..

  4. Pandashanwow is a very bugged server, quests bugged, guild bank bugged, dungeons bugged, professions bugged, soo many glyphs bugged, ability bugs, pvp and arena bugs and get ready for GM abuse-closing legitimate tickets, ignoring tickets, bans without fair cause manipulation of your characters on the air, dropping them down etc. and heaven forbid if you donate, they will take your money and your account can get their login-bug and they will not fix it so you will not be able to play. SO level up, gear up, pay up and then get messed up. Don’t believe it? play there for any amount of time and you’ll see for yourself, but don’t choose a hunter for example unless you enjoy playing without a pet. Your pets will get “lost” eventually and when they do, you won’t be able to “tame” anymore(just a taste of the fun). P.S. at times, love the lag, pvp lag is interesting.

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