Nextgen-WoW merges with Arena-Tournament

If you played on Arena Tournament before, you may have known that they have dropped their TBC servers as they lacked popularity. Nextgen-WoW had taken hold of their source code and continued to voluntarily host their TBC server core under a different name.

Recently, the server has now merged with Arena-Tournament, leaving this message on their website:

I can’t access my account! It says that the information I’ve entered is not valid.
This is because, at the time of the merge, there was already an account on Arena-Tournament with your username (which did not have your password). Create a new account here (or login to your Arena-Tournament account if you have one) and make a ticket; we will transfer your character(s) to your new account.

I had VIP on Nextgen-WoW, will I still have VIP on Arena-Tournament?
Yes. If your account was transferred, you should already have VIP. If your account wasn’t transferred, we will upgrade your new account to VIP.

What about Donatorstones?
Donatorstones are linked to characters, so they were transferred over as well.

New realmlist? will continue to work for a month or two, but if you would like to get ahead of the curve, you can go ahead and change your realmlist to now instead of later.

Note: No characters have been deleted. They’re all still in the database; some of them are just not linked to any accounts. If you are currently not in possession of your character(s), simply create a ticket and we will transfer your characters to your new account.

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