Molten’s back… except your characters are gone

Molten WoW has come back after a few days of being offline and has endured one of the worst things a private server could imagine; their database had been compromised and now all our characters are gone. Anyways, here’s what Kaer Wolf had to say.

Update: A false DMCA claim has been posted by Hermes on our hijacked Facebook page.

Hello Molten community,

As of January 22, 2015 all of our databases had been hijacked by (public ref: the security administrator Gianfranco Panico (Jeff) employed and instructed by Mikayil Mammadov (Hermes) through a network of companies (incl. Artabazan Ltd., Crossroutes Ltd., Skiddaw Ltd.) operating in the United Kingdom and who have been responsible for safety of all our databases across our server infrastructure, including backup server machines that were operated and maintained by the same individuals. Considering the disastrous scale of community damage and in hopes for a investigation we have come to a decision to provide all information, data and details of Mikayil Mammadov, Gianfranco Panico and Vyacheslav Chernyshev and related companies to the United Kingdom government authorities and institutions through legal means, and where applicable, with community support.

The hijack had started by having all our staff accesses to our servers removed, effectively denying all services and means of securing our data, and refusal to our agreement to any demands in our efforts to save our databases. Considering these circumstances and as a result of our investigations into suspected misappropriopriation and unduly assignments of Molten’s community funds, we have strong reasons to believe that individuals responsible for this hijacking had a sole purpose to destroy evidence and traces of their suspected grand schemes and misconduct. Our initial suspicion of misconduct had started when Mikayil Mammadov (Hermes) had announced that Molten is suffering from financial losses and proceeded with cutting community and staff short of due payments and bonuses in December 2014 and dismissal of key staff members motivated by “cost cutting”. Additionally we were informed of large amounts of tax liability that Skiddaw Ltd. has had to pay in fines due to tax evasion, which in turn had always been declared and assumed to have been paid throughout these years of operating in the United Kingdom as maintenance expenses. The data and information that we have been able to secure indicates a grand scale misconduct, misappropriation of funds and suspicion of money laundering through a network of offshore companies and bank accounts, all of which will be provided to authorities and institutions to investigate. Our new Facebok page is located Our previous page has also been hijacked, is no longer representing our announcements and as such, any information posted on is not longer a valid announcement and can be reported at and as per Facebook Page Terms and Facebook Terms of Service . Considering the loss of character databases, we have no objections should our community members decide to dispute payments to Skrill Ltd. as per Skrill Terms and Conditions.

__________________________________________________ ___________

What has been lost?


What have we managed to secure?

We have been able to secure our accounts (incl. coins history), we have retained our core and website code that we have been developing all these years. All staff members have been working together to mitigate the damage caused by this disaster.

What can we do to mitigate the damage?

Everything we can, such as refunding 100% of coins ever donated back to community accounts, instant levelups, starting gear, boosts etc. We are working to come up with a refund and boost system help us to mitigate the damage, and later today, open forums for feedback, backlash and answers to any discussions.

I, Kaer, the founder and former leader of our community, am also back to staff this day. It was my decision today that we stand our ground on a devastated Molten, whatever hardships and understandable community backlash is to come. I apologize and take responsibility for failing to quickly identify and investigate these individuals that have resorted to inflicting tremendous damage in their attempts to cover up the traces of their suspected misdeeds. We ready and willing to do everything we can to heal damage done to us over time.

In response to user aukuni‘s post: “Did they make any demands upon Molten? If so, can you elaborate?”, Edifice responded with:
Yes, they asked us for money & not publish names, they couldn’t get “more donations” because we rerouted the DNS.
The person responsible for all financials and one of the hijackers (Hermes) asking us for money, pitiful.

Sadly this has resulted in the loss of a few staff, including the following staff:2015-01-27 01_10_39-Database loss. Causes, damage mitigation and future plans. - Page 98 - Molten Fo

Green_dev: instances, writing them from scratch, all entirely his work, goes as far as watching a video to get a general outline how an encounter works.
Green_dev however is actually returning to develop again according to Edifice..
Shortbuckle: No idea what he did, but Edifice describes him as an “Angry dev”
Ramires: Core reworks, infrastructure, optimizations, heavy CLB work, formulas, arena, correcting the non-standard c++ abomination of a core trinity spawned, class work, excellent c++ coder.

Let me be one to say welcome back to BeepBeep. BeepBeep was banned from the forum a few years ago. After reading the Molten Wiki I recall his user page saying he had been banned for something to do with another private server. Anyways, he was a great website designer for Molten.
Also, welcome back Kaer. A lot of us knew that he was coming back prior to the database compromise, but sadly not under these circumstances.

Anyways, for those still sticking to playing on Molten I can tell you a few things.
  • Everyone is unbanned [ref].
  • Molten staff were forced to be a lot more closed under the lead of Hermes. Now they will be a lot more open [ref]
  • If you donated, you should not be concerned with your payment information. It is held by Skrill/Google.
  • Arena season titles will be returned to the players that have previously achieved it [ref].
  • Coins will be refunded to your accounts for all purchases made before the end of December 2014
  • Gifted coins will return to their original owners.
  • No information was compromised. Everything related to accounts is encrypted [ref].
  • Molten is going to start up back again with likely 2 WoTLK, 1 Cataclysm and 2 MoP realms [ref].
  • The 1 Cataclysm realm is not going to be Warsong. I think Molten may put Warsong on MoP or do away with it completely.
  • The forum is in store for an update, along with all the features from the 1.0 forum [ref].
  • Level ups, free gear (starter packs), randomized goodie bags, other promos we have in the works.
  • Heirlooms will be free, other things aswell [ref].
  • The first person to log in with an instant leveled character will gain realm first achievement.
  • No legendaries for a long while, like a long long while [ref].
  • Clustered Load Balancing will still be developed

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