Molten-WoW Merges With Arena-Tournament

2015-02-12 15_31_57-Arena-Tournament _ Where the Challenge Begins

It must have come to a surprise to us that Arena Tournament is now merging with Molten-WoW. Malaco and Kaer have both posted on their forums notifying players of the merge.


Malaco’s (Arena-Tournament) post:

It’s very important that you read the whole text before coming to any conclusion

This might come as a surprise for most of you, but for the past few days AT and Molten have been talking about the possibility of a union. The conversations went better than we could have expected and we came to terms both sides agreed on.
AT and Molten will be uniting as one, we’re certain that this will benefit not only our players but also the server itself. We hope that our players can be as open minded about this as we were and give this the chance it deserves.
We are looking forward to combine two very powerful teams which can bring quality that will be hard to find elsewhere.
In the near future this union will receive its own new, original name.

Due to the size of Molten’s player base we will be merging our account database into theirs.

What will happen for me as an AT player?
Nothing that you achieved will be lost in the process, you will keep all your characters, donations and progress.
For you as a player there won’t be any noticeable change to the server, except for the possibility of competing with thousands more players.

What will happen to my donations?
Every donation made before the 15th will be transferred over, none of your benefits will be lost.
They will however not be applying to any of Moltens original realms.
The donation system will be adjusted in the future.

When will this union happen?
We will officially be moving the server after the wotlk season end on sunday 15th feb 21.00 CET.
You can already merge your account now! HERE

What expansions will be moved over?
Currently we will only be moving WoTLK over, and will add more expansions in the future if there is demand for them. We will have a community poll in the upcoming weeks.
Your characters will be backed up(saved) for any expansions that are not immediately moved over.

MoP / WoD & Cata will remain open until the we announce a date of closure

Im sure there will be a lot of questions and we’re going to host a Q&A together with the molten staff on friday 18.00 CET and you can ask question HERE

Merge your account HERE

The merge means that the two communities are going to be ONE.
It does NOT mean that AT’s current servers will be merged in to their servers.

The ladders will be seperated as well.

WotLK will stay online and stay more or less exactly what it is, but hosted somewhere else.
Your WotLK donations, character progress and everything will be the same. It’s the same server.
Your character progress is NOT transferred over to the other, original Molten servers.

Cata, MoP and WoD will be closed down for now and we do expect to open up PvP realms on those expansions again, where all your current progress on AT will be restored.
Your character progress is NOT transferred over to the original Molten servers.


Kaer’s (Molten-WoW) post is here

Greetings Molten community,

After extensive background discussions and a lot of positive emotions we have had with Arena Tournament staff we (Molten community) would like to welcome Arena Tournament uniting with us as we have risen from ashes stronger and more determined than ever. For many years this unity had been looked forward to due a strong potential of achieving the most longed-for advancements and improvements in private server emulation.

Merging of Arena Tournament accounts and staff joining us is already in progress and is being implemented to ensure the smoothest transition over time. Arena Tournament players can already start merging their accounts by clicking here. Officially the merge will complete this weekend as Arena Tournament’s current Arena Season comes to an end and their current WotLK realm (PvP-only) will be joining the ranks of our realms as Blackrock and considering popularity and queue on Neltharion, we are considering reopening Warsong 4.3.4 to also join the ranks of our servers.

Extensive QA sessions will be conducted through our Twitch TV channels to answer and many questions as well as FAQ topic will be created on our forum. I would like to keep this announcement brief at this stage and once again, on behalf of Molten community, welcome Arena Tournament’s competent team and skilled players to join us as we march forward with one goal – to bring a better private server for everyone to enjoy, community and staff alike.

Using this opportunity we would like to remind that we are looking to move realms back to EU in near future.

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