Portable Auction House is now on Molten WoW

The long waited release of the web-based auction house on Molten WoW is now live.

Players can now purchase auctions on the Auction House, without having to login to the game.


Feedback thread is located here: http://forum.molten-wow.com/showthread.php?t=176624

Screencap of current preview of the auction house in action:



GladiatorLosSA 3.3.5a – Wrath of the Lich King

Gladiatorlossa for 3.3.5a/3.3.5

** All Clients are supported, but English and Spanish sounds are available at the moment


SoundAlerter is an addon that alerts players via sound when enemies are casting or have used certain abilities aswell as a tracker for when abilities have worn off (eg. divine shield down, deterrence down)
Originally formed from the idea of GladiatorLosSA (Cataclysm addon), This unique addon helps us alot in PvP, as in my opinion better than the Gladius cooldown trackers (Can be used well in conjuction with this aswell as SpellAlerter)

Addon Features:
  • Alerts you when enemies have casted special abilities
  • Supports Customisation of where you want the addon enabled.
  • Supports a “Target and Focus only” option (to avoid spamming in Battlegrounds)
  • The “Target and Focus only” option also alert you if debuffs that have afflicted you from players that aren’t your target or focus
  • The Addon has english sounds and limited Spanish sounds. If you want to contribute, PM me or bump the thread
  • Supports Chat alerts in party, arena and BG.
  • Supports custom sound and chat alerts for arena partners when they’re CC’d
Video Previews
Screenshot Previews:

1. Click Zip
2. Extract the SoundAlerter Folder (inside the trololol-SoundAlerter3.3.5a-xx folder) into your WoW folder/Interface/Addons/

How do I update the addon?

1. If an update is mentioned on the forum, the easiest way to update the addon is by deleting the SoundAlerter folder in your wow folder/interface/addons- make sure you have saved any mp3s, etc that you have added
2. Download the addon again and place it where the old folder was

Other Great PvP addons

SpellAlerter – Text alerter for Spells casted
Gladius – Arena frame addon that alerts when cooldowns are used
LoseControl – Spell Icon popup in middle of screen when CC’d
Icicle – Addon that shows enemy cooldowns on top of their nameplate

Frequently Asked Questions:

Help! The addon doesn’t work!
If the addon doesn’t work, Make sure:
1. You have went to https://github.com/trolololol/SoundAlerter-3.3.5a
2. Clicked Zip and fully have downloaded the zip archive
3. Unzipped the SoundAlerter folder (inside the trololol-SoundAlerter3.3.5a-xx folder) into your WoW folder/Interface/Addons/
4. Made sure it’s enabled on your addon list, on your character selection screen, bottom right
5. If it’s enabled, log in the game and type /soundalerter
6. If nothing comes up, let me know

Okay /soundalerter shows up a menu, but the sound alerts aren’t working!
1. Make sure you have your WoW sound effects are on, volume turned up, and WoW and windows/mac sounds unmuted
2. Try pasting in this:
/run local f = CreateFrame(“frame”,nil, UIParent); f:SetScript(“OnUpdate”, CombatLogClearEntries);
3. If that didn’t work, check your sound options. Here is an example on how to set up your sound so you can only hear addons:http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/5…1611165329.jpg


Reformatted alot of code, and fixed alot of stuff, especially to do with arena members
Added if SunnArt or SpellAlerter is loaded, /sa won’t work
Move some spells under different menus
Added intimidating shout to friend CC’s
Added option for Sap text to be shown for friends
Fixed incorrect menu entry
Edited Menu names, added descriptions
fromTarget won’t be used anymore, it will now be myTarget == destName or sourceName
Commented out ToTarget3 since it’s not used
Added arena1-5’s targets for proper targetting in arena

[Addon] Auctionator – Quick auctions in seconds!

Auctionator is one of my favourite addons for doing Auctions.

Why? Because listing up auctions has never been so easy!

My favourite aspect of auctions towards Auctionator is that you can easilly just place an item that you’re wanting to sell in the auction house, it will search for current price and undercut, and all you need to do is press post. Simple as that.

You can also see how much you have posted auctions in the past, which is a great feature, so you know if you’re posting it for more or cheaper than you have been.

Version 4.2 Link: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/auctionator.aspx

Version 3.3.5a Link: http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/auctionator/files/52-version-2-6-3/